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Led units:Ministry of industry and information technology of the People's Republic of China
Ministry of science and technology of the People's Republic of China
Shanghai people's government

Jointly organized by:

China Civil Engineering Society Public Transport Society of ChinaShanghai public transport industry associationChina automobile industry association bus branch

Shanghai bus bus (group) co., LTD. Shanghai pudong new area public transport co., LTDJilin city public transport group co. LTD

Anhui city public transport association, Guangdong city public transport association Jiangsu city public transport association

Hebei public transport association

Henan urban public transport associationShandong urban public transport association

Shanghai Hong Gang convention and exhibition service co., LTDShengge exhibition co,LTD


Beijing public transport holding(group)co.LTD Chongqing public transport holding (group) co. LTDHebei Tangshan bus transport co.LTD

Tianjin public transport (group) co. LTD
Changchun public transportation (group) co. LTDHunan bus public transport co. LTD

Shenyang passenger transport group coChengdu public transport group co. LTDJilin city public transport group co. LTD

Kunming bus group co. LTD
Zhengzhou public transportation corporationQuanzhou bus development co. LTD

Xi 'an public transportation corporation
Shenzhen bus group co. LTDJining city bus company

Taiyuan public transportation holdings (group) co. LTDWuhan public transport group co. LTD
Yancheng  public transportation corporation

Hefei bus group co. LTDNanjing jiangnan public transport co. LTDWenzhou jiaoyun group bus co. LTD

Yinchuan public transport co. LTDGuiyang public transport (group) co. LTD
Zhenjiang public transport co. LTD

Nanning public transportation corporation
Haikou public transportation corporatioWuxi public transport co. LTD

Xining public transportation group co. LTD
Urumqi public transport group co. LTDSuzhou public transport co. LTD

Jinan public transportation corporationFuzhou public transport group co. LTD
Yanji public transport co.LTD

Xiamen bus group co. LTDShijiazhuang public transport companyLuoyang Public transport group limited

Hangzhou public transport group co. LTD
Nanchang public transport group co. LTD
Tatong public transport group limited co.LTD

Shanghai qingpu bus public transport co. LTD
Qingdao bus group co. LTDSuqian city public transport co. LTD

Yangzhou public transportation corporation
Ningbo public transportation corporationHunan longchamp bus co. LTD

Changzhou public transportation corporation
Zhuhai bus bus co. LTDDeyang yuxing public transportation co. LTD

Liuzhou hengda bus co. LTD
Jiaxing public transport companyBaoji Public transport limited liability company

Dalian bus passenger transport group co. LTD
Hebei handan city public transportation corporationZhumadian  public transport co. LTD
Why to attend

Scope of the exhibit

The vehicle:

Buses, energy saving and new energy buses, tourist buses, highway passenger buses, buses, small electric buses;

Spare parts:Engine, motor, electric control and hybrid platform, power battery equipment, new energy powertrain, vehicle, bus chassis, air conditioning and heating and ventilation equipment, tire and wheel, drive system, gearbox, brake system, gear, electronic appliances, bus, bus rapid transit system platform, intelligent information products safety glass, seat passenger car accessory device and bus stations, gas equipment, new energy, new materials and new energy bus parts such as power battery;

Charging facilities:

Electric bus charging pile (station), charging gun, charging station intelligent network project planning and achievements display,  The solar energy

Wind power complementary new energy automobile charging station technology products, charging station power distribution equipment, charger, power monitoring and control system, active filter is installed , transformer, power distribution cabinets, cable, directly charging equipment, auxiliary equipment, filling in the battery and battery management system, parking charging infrastructure;

Smart transportation:

Vehicle-mounted monitoring, positioning, navigation, dispatching system and so on;

Urban transport facilities:

Traffic monitoring system, vehicle-mounted navigation system and communication equipment, parking, car washing equipment and ancillary equipment;
Repair and repair equipment and maintenance equipment.


2017 visitor analysis

some  high  quality  audiences

The vehicle

manufacturing enterprise

Zhengzhou yutong bus co. LTDXiamen jinlong united auto industry co. LTDJinlong united industries (suzhou) co. LTD
Xiamen jinlong station wagon co., LTDFoton bus co.LTD
Ankai bus co. LTD
Zhongtong bus co. LTDNanjing jinlong bus manufacturing co. LTDYouth automobile group co. LTD
Shenzhen byd co. LTD
Hunan zhongche electric automobile co. LTDYangzijiang automobile group co. LTD
Shanghai wanxiang automobile manufacturing co., LTD.Yangzhou yaxing bus co. LTD
Shenwo bus co. LTD
Zhuhai yinlong new energy co. LTDShenlong bus co. LTDShenzhen wuzhou long automobile co. LTD
The city bus companyBeijing public transportation (group) co., LTDChangchun public transportation (group) co., LTDNanjing jiangnan public transport co. LTD
Shanghai bus co., LTDZhengzhou public transportation corporationJinan public transportation corporation
Shanghai pudong new area public transport co. LTDShenzhen bus group co. LTDFuzhou public transport group co. LTD
Tianjin public transport group (holdings) co. LTDWuhan public transport group co. LTDXiamen bus group co. LTD
Chongqing public transport holding (group) co. LTD  Hefei public transport group co.LTD Hangzhou huhang bus passenger transport company
Passenger bus companyShanghai jinjiang travel co. LTDJiuba (China) holding co., LTD. Shenyang passenger transport group co. LTD
Shanghai bus xinxin automobile service co. LTDShanghai jinshan automobile passenger transport co. LTDHangzhou huhang automobile passenger transport company
Jiangsu automobile passenger transport group co. LTDShenzhen shenzhan  bus co. LTDSuzhou automobile passenger transport group co. LTD
New country line transportation group co. LTDNanjing zhongbei (group) co. LTDBeijing shouqi (group) co. LTD
Tourism companyBeijing beiqi international travel service
Shanghai Chunqiu international travel service (group) co., LTDChina international travel service co. LTD

China internal tourism company

Shenzhen Baozhong travel agency co. LTDLVMAMA SYNWALK TRAVEL CO.,LTD
Citic travel group co. LTDGuangzhou ctrip international travel agency co. LTD
Shenzhen Kanghui travel agency

The meeting 'BUS EXPO Shanghai international passenger car exhibition' is an important part of the exhibition, the exhibition contents BUS frontier technology, industrial investment and market trend ,technical seminar will provide a large number of detailed information, and according to the industry development, choice or emerging frontier, determine the several points of the technical seminar theme, the meeting  activities are as follows:

2018 China urban public transport

academic conference

New energy transportation application experience exchange meeting

Bus company safety management experience

exchange  meeting

Charging pile technology development forumNew energy car battery technology innovation development forum

Medium city bus company  group procurement activities


Important exhibitor