The fourth (2017) national bus driver energy-saving technology competition was successfully held
文 / 2017-05-17 09:27

On May 11, 2017, "the 4th (2017) Yutong cup national bus driver energysaving technology competition" held a grand opening ceremony in Shiqiao parking lot in Hangzhou bus group, Zhejiang province. "Create green bus, establish energy saving pacesetter" is the theme, 59 bus companies in 54 cities, the country selects more than 120 contestants to participate in, hope on the basis of implementing the national strategy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, more show the value and role of "bus priority".
Attended the opening ceremony of a vice director of China civil engineering construction Liu shijie, the state ministry of industry and information technology, energy saving and comprehensive utilization department inspector, Huang jianzhong, China civil engineering society city public transportation branch HongRenChu, deputy executive director of the Shanghai traffic Zhou jianrong, vice President of the union, the deputy secretary-general of China road transport association passenger branch Su zhongze, civil engineering society of China urban public transportation branch secretarygeneral Wang Fengyu, general manager of Hangzhou public transportation group co., LTD., Lu Zhihong, Changzhou public transportation group company secretary of the party committee Cai Jianchen, Zhang Ming, vice President of Hangzhou city federation of trade unions, urban transportation network Ding Yongping, general manager. Zhengzhou Yutong bus co., LTD., the domestic marketing director Wang, China's bus information network Jacky, Hangzhou construction union Wang Wenhe, director of the general manager. The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhou meiqin, deputy director of the city bus branch.

It is understood that the competition by union the national committee of Chinese seafarers' construction, civil engineering society of China, the ministry of transport transport service department, the ministry of industry and information technology, energy saving and comprehensive utilization department, science and technology of China association for science and technology, Hangzhou city federation of trade unions, transportation committee of Shanghai labor guidance, urban public transportation branch of China civil engineering institute, China bus information network, urban transportation network host, Hangzhou public transportation group co., LTD. Contest for the first time, preparations for the meeting held in Hangzhou on January 17, 2017, and he got the union the national committee of Chinese seafarers construction transportation services division, civil engineering society of China, the ministry of communications, ministry of industry and information technology, energy saving and comprehensive utilization department, the department of science popularisation, Hangzhou city federation of trade unions, the Shanghai traffic union of guidance, and by the China road transport association support of urban passenger transportation branch. The competition with the support of Yutong bus fourth named, Ningde era (CATL), the Yangtze automobile EV, CST, byd, geely remote car, Nanxun Aoyou, Zhengzhou Tianmai, Lishen, Yuchai, Michelin, Shanghai DingChong, Alcoa wheels, KeDa  intelligence, century magnitude sponsored.
  From Xinhua, People's Daily online, newswire, Zhejiang television, Hangzhou television, China transportation report, China automotive news, urban public transport, square net, China's bus network, commercial car, sina, sohu net, China bus information network, the urban transportation network, road transport network, the first commercial, China transportation network, people's bus and other dozens of public and professional media attended the event

 Meeting held after the opening ceremony of the media, Wang Fengyu secretary-general to media reporter said that the bus driver energy-saving technology contest held since 2011, vigorously promote the indepth development of energy conservation and emissions reduction activities national bus industry, the industry generally advocating energysaving driving concept, improve the energysaving driving skills, has obtained the remarkable economic benefits and social benefits. From Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Changchun, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, xi 'an, Harbin, Urumqi, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Changsha, such as 54 cities, 59 bus companies, more than 120 contestants, more than 80 judges to participate in the contest, to compete the bus driver's star of energysaving technology, energy saving technology pacesetter and energy-saving technology, it is very important to cultivate bus driver's team.
Media meeting, Hangzhou bus group, said general manager Lu Zhihong Hangzhou has always attaches importance to the cultivation of the bus driver mechanism, focus on the driver driving skills and the improving of the energy saving technology, the group current retain more than 8000 various types of buses and a total of more than 5000, of which the main except 150 18 m BRT, other all reac hed the standard of clean and environmental protection, there are more than 2300, pure electric gas 1604, 856 hybrid vehicles, pure electric bus accounted for at the top.


knowledge test, driving skill operation competition, driving skill operation competition, routine maintenance competition. The models used in the competition are 12 m pure electric, 12 m manual diesel, 10.5m pure electric, 10.5m manual LNG natural gas bus.

Competition of theory involves the content of the exam in the law of the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety ",  "national standard GB7258 motor vehicle safety technical conditions", the ministry of transport industry standard city bus driver operation specification and other laws and regulations and relevant rules and regulations as the basis, based on the relevant knowledge of new energy and clean energy. The test of the driving skill competition is that S detour is going backwards and out of the driving, asking the vehicle to go in and out along the S bend; (the tail of the vehicle should be completely at the end of the curve of the end of the vehicle, and the head of the vehicle should be the beginning line of the S curve when it is poured out); The time limit of the assessment is 3 minutes. The body is not allowed to wipe and touch the bar, the wheel is not pressed, the line; No parking in the middle of the road (the vehicle is between the beginning of S curve and the termination line); No part of the body can be found out of the window. The driving skill competition includes track passing, standard operation, energysaving driving. There is a routine maintenance and troubleshooting of the content of the competition.

 11, Hangzhou, the sun is shining, the atmosphere is warm, and no pilot is not around the local technical backbone, working model, to compete at this time, everyone to muster all his strength to contend for a high or low. From Liaocheng the driver of the bus company Yang Wenli is in shandong province in 2016 pilot skills contest organized by bus masters of the "energy saving", he said for the first time to participate in the national game, broaden the horizons, with more than ten years of driving experience, seeking a good place.

       In the spare time, we can see that many players have been able to share the driving experience, remind each other, encourage each other, and reflect the good quality of the bus people. The driver of the bus company from Wuxi Weng yuenhai, into the bus industry for 12 years, fuelefficient 30000 litres, begin from 2016, pure electric vehicle this entry is more counterparts in order to learn and share new energy bus energy saving techniques and methods.


  From the Shanghai bus company three system.its xiaodong xie, deputy general manager, said the bus operation has always been in all weathers, rainy days more than the level of the bus driver, but the weather will not affect the fairness of the game, because the same model player is on the same day, ensure that the external environment of the same game.

Quanzhou trade union chairman of the bus company Wang Dingyun led to participate in the competition, he thought, the competition highlights the drivers of the importance of technical capacity of bus industry development, he called on the whole society pay more attention to bus drivers, they has made great contributions in the general public the masses, worthy of our respect for all people.
  Shenyang passenger group deputy general manager of weeks space, said the company think bus enterprise's social responsibility of energy conservation and emissions reduction, and at the same time the driver energy saving technology is also a necessary means to reduce costs, the bus company has is the fourth time to participate in the pilot series, it is a comparison of driver's skills, and the bus company communication and exchanges, learn from each other, learn from each other, improve together.


During the competition, it also held "BBS" and "BBS" of China's urban public transport industry. Contest held last ceremony, commending the bus driver's star of energy-saving technology, energy saving technology pacesetter and energy-saving technical experts and energy-saving technologies, competition and support units outstanding organizational units, outstanding workers.
Forum guests, business representatives Li Maozheng believes that the event to various elite gathered in the field of new energy, such as, supporting enterprises and bus companies hit together, hearts of communication using product, at the same time also to the makers and supporting enterprise expectations and Suggestions were put forward, the harvest is very big, really heard a line from the user's voice.


 After two days of the game, by the jury, rigorous and objective evaluation, finally selected the first prize of the national four bus industry competition, they are 12 meters of pure electric bus drivers in Shanghai Jiang Chen, 10.5 m of pure electric bus driver Jody, jinan get 12 meters diesel manual wuhan bus driver's successful, 10.5 meters of LNG jinan bus driver Wang Ji state. The excellent drivers behind them have been awarded the title of energy saving stars, energy conservation pacers and energy conservation experts.
According to the head of the competition organizing committee, deputy secretary general of the public transportation society, yuan jianguang said: the success of the competition is inseparable from the active input of the national public transportation industry. Of the 59 participating bus companies, 19 were four consecutive participants and each achieved outstanding results. They were the backbone of the competition and thanked them.


 Of each agree that the bus company has held four consecutive terms of the "national bus driver energysaving technology competition" vigorously promote the indepth development of energy conservation and emissions reduction activities national bus industry, the industry generally advocating energy-saving driving concept, improve the energy-saving driving skills, made significant social and economic benefits.
  As Wang Fengyu at the awards ceremony, through the game, not only let the local bus company and the excellent driver had good technical exchanges, but also improves the public enterprise's image and influence, attract social attention to bus drivers, to further promote the healthy development of the green public transportation, the competition gradually bus companies to be both the actual energy saving effect, and has a positive social influence reasonably brand of public welfare activities.