The Shanghai international bus show is ready for a wonderful period
文 / 2017-07-25 04:35

"BUS EXPO Shanghai international passenger car exhibition" will be on November 19 to 21, 2018 held in Shanghai new international EXPO center, will provide the industry industry the latest products, technology and quality of trade integration solutions. The exhibition is mainly for public transport, tourism, passenger transport, schools, major institutions, airports and other industries to provide the most comfortable, most energy efficient and environmentally friendly intelligent transportation platform.

 As an important "window" of the urban public transport industry is the city government directly provide travel services to the masses of the people is an important infrastructure, its social nature is very obvious, is closely related to people's life. Countries are borrowing to build "bus city" at the same time, play a city bus in the protection of urban traffic flow, the development of urban economic and social health and environmental protection etc. An irreplaceable role. So the urban public transport enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, improve the vehicle, such as operation scheduling, depot management system of science and technology content, for urban residents to provide more convenient, fast and comfortable driving environment.Gather industry strength, build whole industry chain platform

  "BUS EXPO 2017 Shanghai international passenger car exhibition attracted from yutong, jinlong, silver long, byd, zhongtong, nanjing jinlong," walter, we, vientiane, nk, loose cheese air conditioning, dongfeng Dana, chaoyang tires, Connie, mechanical and electrical, etc. More than 200 exhibitors, the exhibition area of 30000 square meters. Among them, yutong, jinlong, yinlong and byd are among the top brands in the industry and have participated in the exhibition for six years.Focus on industry hot spots and boost industrial development

Adhering to the previous resources and characteristics of the exhibition, and "BUS EXPO 2018 Shanghai international passenger car exhibition" rally industry resources, the exhibition will be held during the 2018 annual meeting of China's urban public transport academic, new energy BUS application experience exchange, BUS companies operating safety management experience exchange, charging pile technology development peak BBS, BBS new energy BUS power battery technology innovation development, the national medium-sized city BUS company purchasing purchasing activities and other activities, distinctive industry comprehensive full build communication platform, for the majority of the industry to provide the latest industry information and business philosophy.Professional exhibition, only to meet the professional you!

  Quality platform, highquality exhibitors, professional team building promotion force is the core competitiveness of "BUS EXPO 2018 Shanghai international BUS exhibition". "BUS EXPO 2018 Shanghai international BUS exhibition" will fully develop the BUS and BUS industry chain, and strengthen the communication and cooperation with upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain. We believe that the bus industry feast, which is triggered by the multiparty linkage between the exhibition organizer, the brand and the platform, is coming soon, and more innovation and opportunities will soon explode! We are looking forward to your presence and participation in the bus industry.

If you are interested in the exhibition or visit, please contact us to obtain more information on "BUSEXPO 2018 Shanghai international bus exhibition" or the official website of the exhibition: www.busexpo.cnTelephone: 021-31148748 Email address: